We do carry pellet stoves, multi-fuel burners, fireplace inserts, and even outdoor boilers. Let us help you with your heating needs.

We also sell bagged and bulk corn for burning. Supplies are seasonal and vary. Call for availability and pricing.

Top-Quality, hardwood pellets.

Very Popular with pellet stove owners

We can also help you with installation and service!

We carry parts and installation materials for many brands. We have many items in stock and if we don't have them we can get them usually within a day or two. Give us a call if you are having stove problems. We will do our best to get your heat back up and running as soon as possible!

A new brand of high-quality, hardwood pellets.

Locally made. Competitive Price

Good reviews from those who have used them.

      Heating costs are constantly on the rise and there is constant pressure to find more environmentally friendly energy sources, renewable fuels are an excellent way to go!

Pellet and multi-fuel  stoves are efficient, user-friendly, and can give you a warmer home more affordably than many other heating sources!

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