Suet Cakes -  not just for wild birds, an excellent source of energy during cold weather.

Flock Blocks - ​a nutritional treat that can help alleviate boredom in the coop.

Treats and other goodies...


Rancher's Choice All Natural Chick Starter​/Grower Crumbles are a great way to get your flock off to a healthy start!

Shavings - keep your feathered friends warm and cozy.

Have a flock of barnyard feathered friends? We can help you keep your coop healthy and thriving with quality feeds and treats too!

Rancher's Choice Flockwise 16% Layer Crumble is a total balanced rations with added vitamins and minerals for the laying hen.

Hanby Performance Feeds 17% Layer Pellet is a complete layer feed that is fully fortified for consistent total nutrition for your hens. 

Mealworms- a high protein treat that chickens love!!


Oystershell-  a good choice to supply grit and supplemental calcium to your flock.