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QLF Liquid Feeds

We are happy to be adding QLF Liquid Feeds to our product line-up. They have a range of products for both Agronomy and Livestock that we feel our customers will find valuable. Below is a breakdown of the products available.


            QLF Agronomy L-CBF or liquid carbon-based fertilizer involve a combination of complex carbon sources. They work to feed the soil biology and boost the amount of plant available nutrients. L-CBF is sourced from domestic grown cane molasses. Being sugar based makes them a rich source of carbon which is an essential nutrient to the soil biome, as well as an excellent carrier for other nutrients when tank mixed with other products. They mix readily with other applications and are safe for both the consumer and environment.

            Here are the current formulations available:

                        - Amino 15-0-1: Multiple nitrogen sources, supplement foliar on all major crops.
                        - L-CBF 7-21-3 MKP Starter: High orthophosphate blend, starter, side-dress, foliar.
                        - L-CBF Boost: Improve nutrient availability, convenient, versatile.
                        - L-CBF TerraFed: OMRI listed, organic, natural, versatile to use.
                        - KelPak: Seaweed concentrate for in-furrow or foliar use, organic approved.


            QLF Livestock offers a wide range of products to benefit livestock producers. Their products offer enhanced nutrition, improved pala   tability, reduced sorting, and more with their liquid molasses products. They have formulations tailored to many applications including dairy, feedlot, pasture, feed mill, as well as horse and deer.

            Here are just a few of their applications:

  • Free-choice liquid protein and added-fat products
  • TMR liquids
  • Bale treatments
  • Silage treatments
  • Feed mill additives
  • Tubs and blocks 

There are a LOT of options, so to learn more and get products tailored to your operation, please contact us to learn more!

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        More options mean more opportunities! We have added LG Seeds to our roster of seed companies, giving you more options so that you can find the perfect seed match for your acres. LG offers a full portfolio of corn, soybeans, alfalfa, sorghum and silage. Right now we will be focusing our efforts on their full line-up of conventional seeds. They offer top notch genetics backed by superior service in an effort to help you get the best ROI on your farm. Our customers asked for more conventional and non-GMO options and we listened! 

    Check out the seed page for details or feel free to give us a call!

Due to increasing overhead costs, effective February 1st,2021
we will be increasing our shop rates.

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