Rancher's Choice 18% All-Purpose All Species Tub is a low moisture tub that can be fed free-choice for an additional protein and mineral source. 100# 

Umbarger Final Goat is a pelleted feed that can be fed as a creep feed up to and through show day. It is formulated with highly digestible fiber and energy sources that make it a great option for those who prefer a pelleted option.

It doesn't matter if you are raising goats for show, dairy, meat, or just have a herd of backyard pals. We have a variety of feeds and mineral products that can keep them happy and healthy!

Sure Champ® Extreme® is a supplement combining all of the qualities of Spark® with the heat relieving capabilities of Climate Control® in a convenient daily feed supplement. Safe for all species. Available in 25# bucket or 50# bag.

Amaferm® Digest More® is a pelleted supplement that can be mixed in rations or top-dressed over feed to boost appetite and improve digestive health for more efficient use of feed and forages.

VitaCharge Paste is a convenient form of VitaCharge® that can be administered easily to animals during times of stress such as sickness, injury, showing or anytime animals are off feed. It delivers a strong dose of Amaferm® as well as vitamins and organic trace minerals that can help offset the negative effects of stress.

Umbarger Meat Goat Grower 16% is a proven ration that is fortified and balanced for growth and development while keeping correctness. It is formulated to be very palatable while staying consistent in its makeup. The best choice for growing your show goat project!

Umbarger Commercial Goat 16% is a medicated ration for the breeding herd. It works using different fiber and energy sources to economically maintain proper condition for the breeding herd. A good option to grow goats not intended for show. 

Duraferm® Goat Concept Aid® is a mineral supplement designed to support cycling, embryo production and conception when fed to does 30 days before kidding through breeding. 

Sure Champ® Spark® is a supplement containing concentrated Amaferm® in a easy to feed form for show animals. It's low inclusion rate is ideal for small animals and is designed to stimulate appetite and improve digestive health leading to improved growth, hair coat and overall performance. Now available in a 25# bucket.


Sure Champ® Climate Control® is a convenient containing Amaferm® along with capsaicin, cinnamon and cloves which all work together to reduce heat stress in livestock during the summer months. Also contains garlic which is a natural insect repellent.

VitaCharge® Liquid Boost® is a liquid supplement containing a high dose of organic trace vitamins and minerals along with Amaferm® to provide a powerful dose of nutrition during times of sickness, injury, or stress.

Umbarger Meat Goat Creep 18% is a high protein, high fat feed formulated to develop muscle and bloom. It works great for getting kids sale ready and is medicated with Rumensin to aid in the prevention of coccidiosis.

Umbarger Meat Goat Barley Base is a ration designed to be fed as a finishing ration the last 60 days before the show. It will aid to firm up and smooth out the finish on your show project. It can also be used when more energy is needed in your ration. 

Umbarger Dairy Goat 16% is non-medicated and formulated for lactating dairy goats. It is formulated and designed for milk production in a very palatable and digestible form. Can be used as a grower for those wanting a non-medicated option.