Pedal Down   Protein: 19%   Lysine: 1.4%   Fat: 7%

Correct Growth and Development

The go-to grower feed! Pedal Down is designed for growing show pigs. It will help them develope proper skeletal structure while building muscle and shape. Feed from sale day up to 80 pounds or when more muscle and shape is desired.

Massive   Protein: 15.5%   Lysine: 1.1%   Fat: 7% 

The Final Touch

Massive is a high energy, high fiber ration designed for pigs needing added softness and body. It utilizes multiple fat and fiber sources to achieve more body and cover while maintaining muscle and shape. Best for pigs 150 pounds and over.


Gestation   Protein: 14%   Lysine: 0.7%   Fat: 3%

A complete ration for gestating sows and replacement gilts.

Spot Light   Protein:17%   Lysine: 1.1%   Fat: 5%

Correct Growth While adding the Finishing Touches

The next step in your show pig program! Spot Light combines a unique protein and amino acid blend that will add muscle and bloom to pigs while keeping an optimal growth rate. It will also help add cover and fullness to give your pig the look needed to bring home the banners. Can be fed from 80 pounds up to show day.

Final Push   Protein: 22%   Lysine: 1.5%   Fat: 7% 

Power up your Pig!

 Final Push is a top-dress to be fed when added top shape is wanted. It is non medicated so can be fed up until show day. Final Push is very palatable and highly digestible with added egg protein that will add mass and bulk to your pig.

Lactation   Protein: 18%   Lysine: 1.0%   Fat: 4.5%

 A highly fortified, complete ration to be fed 5-7 days before farrowing and through the entire lactation period.

Freedom Base Plus 

A show pig base mix that allows you to make your own ration to best fit your needs. It contains highly digestible proteins as well as prebiotic and probiotic additives to improve gut health. 

Blast Off    Protein: 20%   Lysine: 1.4%   Crude Fat: 6.0%

The Ultimate Starter 

A highly palatable starter feed that starts pigs right to give them the desired structure and looseness while adding bloom and belly. Will help pigs transition to a grain based diet and get them sale ready quickly. Feed at weaning time up to 21 days.

Looking for a top notch feed to get your swine project to the next level? Look no further!

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