Amaferm® Digest More® is a pelleted supplement that can be mixed in a ration or fed as a top-dress. It will help improve digestive health and efficiency, allowing cattle of all ages and types to get more out of the forages they are eating. 


VitaCharge® Liquid Boost® is another liquid supplement with high levels of Amaferm®, organic trace minerals and vitamins. It is designed to get animals a powerful boost of nutrition during times of stress, sickness, injury or during times of digestive upset. It contains MOS to help trap bad bacteria and eliminate them from doing harm. Liquid Boost can be fed over the top of grain, mixed in water, or as a drench. Comes in 1L bottle, it soon will be changing to a new package for easier feeding. 

Dairy cattle offer a unique set of challenges when it comes to nutrition. Getting dairy calves off to a rockin' start can sometimes be a challenge, then keeping them nutritionally sound while growing and developing them to be healthy and productive adults is another hurdle. VitaFerm® offers a number of products that can be helpful for calves and growing youngsters. Then Umbarger Show Feeds has a set of feeds that are designed to help dairy calves perform at their best. 

VitaCharge® Neonatal is a liquid supplement formulated to be mixed with milk, milk replacer, or it can be fed as a drench. It offers nutritional support that will help boost appetite, digestive health and improve immunity during times of stress and recovery. Comes in 1 gallon jug.

VitaCharge® Stress Tubs are a great way for calves to get a daily dose of VitaCharge without having to handle them. It contains the same higher levels of vitamins and minerals, Amaferm®, and MOS. Comes in 50 lb or 200 lb tubs.

Umbarger Dairy Beef'em Up is a high corn, high calorie ration designed to grow and put weight on calves quick. It is proven to produce champions in the dairy ring, and can also be used for beef calves.

Umbarger Calf Starter is an 18% ration using high quality grains to make an extremely palatable and digestible starting ration for transitioning calves to a grain based diet. Great for starter feed for dairy calves and growing dairy heifers.

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