Top Choice Lamb 19% Creep

Protein... 19% Fat... 3% Fiber... 8%

   Uses cracked corn for a more uniform particle size to help reduce sorting and choking, a good option for starting easier feeding lambs.

Top Choice Lamb 18% Creep

Protein... 18% Fat... 4% Fiber... 4.5%

   Ideally suited for young lambs with smaller particle size to reduce choking. Helps get lambs sale-ready quickly. Medicated with 27.2 grams/ton of Deccox.

Top Choice Feeds from Umbarger Show Feeds are formulated with premium steam flaked grains and consistent high quality rations. They are proven rations backed by champions at every level of show.

Top Choice Lamb 16% Hi-Energy

Protein... 16% Fat... 5% Fiber... 5%

   High fat and extra calories to put on extra cover and condition quickly. Contains 30 grams/ton of Bovatec.

Whether you raise sheep for the hobby or if you are the serious showman looking to propel your program to the next level, we have what you need!

Top Choice Ewe Breeder 12%

Protein... 12% Fat... 3% Fiber... 6%

   A high energy ration formulated for growing and developing ewes. Also a great flushing ration for when increased energy is desired.


Top Choice Lamb 17% with Barley

Protein... 17%  Fat... 3%  Fiber... 10%

   Added barley helps add finish and is good for sheep that require more condition and shape.

Contains 30 grams/ton of Bovatec.

Top Choice Lamb 19%

Protein... 19% Fat..3% Fiber... 8%

   A very popular ration that is great for starting lambs and can be fed from start to finish. Contains 30 grams/ton of Bovatec.