Boron 10% non chelated.  Involved in the formulation of cell walls, terminal buds and pollen tubes. Participates in regulation of starch production and translocation of sugars and starches.   Boron label

Copper - 7.5 EDTA chelated. Involved in several enyzme systems, cell wall formulation, electron transport and oxidation reactions.  Copper label

Calcium - 3% EDTA chelated.  Improves fruit and nut formation. Improves postharvest quality of fruits and vegetables. Aids in the control of certain fungal and bacterial diseases.  Calcium label

Manganese - 6% EDTA chelated. Improves germination and hastens maturity. Helps resist root and foliar diseases caused by fungi.  Manganese label

Zinc - 6% EDTA chelated and 9% EDTA chelated. Aids plant growth and enzyme systems. Essential for promoting metabolic reaction. Necessary for promoting chlorophyll and forming carbohydrates.  Zinc 6% label  Zinc 9% label

Iron - 4.5% EDTA chelated. Required for chlorophyll formation in plants. It serves as an activator for biochemical processes such as respiration, photosynthesis and symbiotic nitrogen fixation. Iron label

RGS Blend -  Zinc ammine acetate containing 7% zinc. RGS label

Corn Mix - .50% EDTA copper, .50% manganese, 4.5% zinc.  Corn Mix label

Soybean Mix - 2.25% EDTA chelated manganese, .65% magnesium, .05% iron, .05% zinc.  Soybean Mix label

GP Mix -  0.4% EDTA chelated iron and copper, 1.2% manganese, .02% boron, 1.9% zinc. 

    Everybody knows that crops need N-P-K, but micronutrients are just as important and soil deficiencies are more common than you think. A crop that is lacking is susceptible to disease, insects, and other environmental stresses. This means lost yield and a lower ROI. Give your crop the protection it needs and check out the line of products below. 






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